All About Us:

Heavenly Roots resides on Salt Spring Island. We lease four acres at the Burgoyne Valley Community Farm from the Farmlands Trust where we grow fresh fruits and vegetables for market. We love tasty, local food and feel so lucky to share it.

We started our farm adventure in 2014 with a two acre patch of grass. Since then, we’ve fenced and irrigated our plot, expanded into four acres, grown thousands of pounds of vegetables over four seasons, built four greenhouses, produced our own vegetable seed varieties and learned about what it takes to run a market farm business. Though our work can be demanding, it is a satisfying lifestyle because we love the farm we have created and the food that it produces.

Entering our fifth year of production, we seek to continue providing a wide selection of delicious fresh food for our community. We are grateful to all of our past and future customers who value the connection that local food brings. Thank you for enabling us to do what we love and believe in!

Ben and Kaleigh can be reached by the email or telephone number below. We are not cellular phone users so this may mean that you have to leave a message. Feel free to be candid, detailed, and we’ll get back to you asap.

250-930-2580 |||
430 Dukes Rd, Salt Spring Island, BC